Our warehouses of 10,000 m2 are secure. The buildings are insulated, fire resistant, and protected against fire by responsible and trained staff and a state of the art sprinkler system.
The premises are heated and equipped with systems for uniformity of temperature.
The floors are anti-dust and regularly maintained. Pest control is ensured by specialized company.

  • We offer you customized services :
    • Reception goods
    • Warehousing
    • Preparing orders and picking
    • Shipment
    • Supply and removal as the need arises
  • Our supplementary activities :
    • Cross-docking
    • Custom packaging
    • Management of consignment stocks
    • Transport
Logistique transport Bouché

Our tools allow us to automate the management of physical flows of goods and manage real-time information flows that accompany them.


  • Booking for proper planning and optimization of loads.
  • Tracing/Tracking for real-time monitoring of information and logistic flow.
  • Our information tool is a help tool to take decisions for a measure of the performance of all stakeholders in the supply chain.